The Goloka Product Line:


The 21st century has no doubt left our mind and body systems heavy and sluggish. Goloka's range of products can help evoke ones mind, body, sense and spirit back.  You can include oils in your daily routine with massage, bath, diffusing or using on a wood or lava stone bracelet to wear throughout your day.  


Goloka is a not for profit organization. 100% of their manufacturing profits are used for charitable activities. Some of which include: 1.5 million lunches for under privileged school children in India.  Helping to promote organic farming ideas to farmers in India, also supporting cultural education services in India. 


The Goloka product line and the above information is not proposed to treat, prevent or make a diagnosis of any ailment or medical condition. Nor is it meant to be a substitute for any prescribed medications or professional medical advice. This information is to enlighten readers only.  NEVER take aroma or essential oils internally. ALWAYS dilute with water using only a few drops of oil as essential and aroma oils are highly concentrated. ALWAYS keep out of reach of children and always do a diluted test patch on skin to be sure you are not allergic or have an adverse reactions to the oils. DO NOT use in any way if you are or could be pregnant as certain oils can contract the uterus and could result in a miscarriage. Please read the Goloka company insert before use.  ALWAYS consult your Doctor, Naturopath or health care expert before purchasing, using or to get help in choosing the right essential oil for you.